Lecture topic: Newar Buddhism: Survival of Indic Buddhism in Himalayan Regions

CBS Fall 2011 Lecture Series
Lecture topic: Newar Buddhism: Survival of Indic Buddhism in Himalayan Regions
Lecturer: Mr. Min Bahadur Shakya
Place: AD205, University of the West
Time: Thursday 9/29/2011 3:00 ~ 4:30pm

The traditional Buddhist practices of Nepal or Newar Buddhism is to be classified in the tradition of Indian Vajrayana or Tantric Buddhism deriving its lineages from Siddha tradition of Nalanda and Vikramashila monastic universities. After the fall of Buddhism of India, it was transferred to Nepal in early twelve and thirteen centuries of the Common Era.
Now that Mahayana Buddhism has disappeared from India, Newar Buddhism found in Kathmandu valley represents one of the few traditions in the world, which has retained features inherited directly from India. At one time all forms of Buddhism were believed to have been found in the Buddhism of Nepal.
In this lecture, Mr. Shakya will substantiate the authenticity of tradition and provide information on its unique features based on authentic scriptures. Some of the unique features are: the cult of Avalokiteshvara in Kathmandu valley, the Cult of Manjusri Namasangiti, interaction with Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the role of Newar Buddhism in preserving Sanskri.

About the lecturer:
Min Bahadur Shakya is a scholar of Newar and Tibetan Buddhism. Among his major publications are:
A Short History of Buddhism in Nepal (1984)
An Introduction to Buddhist Monasteries of Kathmandu Valley (1986)
Iconography of Nepalese Buddhism (1994)
Princess Bhirikuti Devi (1997)
Boudhnath Stupa (2000)
Sacred Art of Nepal (2000)
The Life of the Nepalese Buddhist Master Buddhabhadra (2009)
Iconography of 108 LokeĊ›varas

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